Giving Kids A Sweet Lesson On Kindness: A Look At The Inspiring Sign Saying ‘Sorry, No Candy’

Why Sorry No Candy Sign Is Necessary?

Best sorry no candy sign is necessary to remind customers that there will be no candy available for purchase at the store. This sign helps customers remember and understand that the store’s policy is not to sell any type of candy or snacks. A best sorry no candy sign also lets customers know of any other means of obtaining treats from elsewhere, such as a nearby convenience store or grocery store. Furthermore, having a best sorry no candy sign in place can help discourage shoppers from seeking out alternate sources for sugary items while shopping at your establishment.

Our Top Picks For Best Sorry No Candy Sign

Best Sorry No Candy Sign Guidance

SmartSign – S2-0803-PL-10 Sorry – No Trick Or Treaters Sign | 7 x 10 Plastic

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Introducing SmartSign – S2-0803-PL-10 Sorry – No Trick Or Treaters Sign | 7 x 10 Plastic. This durable plastic sign is perfect for creating a Halloween-friendly home, as it allows you to politely inform any trick-or-treaters that you do not wish them to come to your door.

The plastic sign has been crafted from 55 mil thick HDPE, a highly durable and recyclable material which can keep your sign looking new for up to two years – even when exposed to the harshest conditions. Moreover, the sign has been designed with rounded corners and burr-free edges for additional strength and that sleek, professional look.

Digital printing has been used to create this sign, meaning the inks are permanent and will remain vibrant for a long time. It has also been coated for added protection and weather resistance, protecting both the ink and plastic. Not to mention, this sign includes pre-punched and pre-cleared mounting holes, allowing you to conveniently hang the sign inside or outdoors.

SmartSign manufactures its signs in the U.S. with the highest materials and quality. With over 100 years of experience, they are sure to provide great signs

Common Questions on SmartSign – S2-0803-PL-10 Sorry – No Trick Or Treaters Sign | 7 x 10 Plastic

Why We Like This

• 1. Durable Plastic: 55 mil thick HDPE (high density polyethylene) and can last up to 2 years outside.
• 2. Rounded Corners: Rounded corners and burr free corners for safe handling, longer life and a professional appearance.
• 3. Digital Printing: Signs are digitally printed in high resolution and over coated for additional protection.
• 4. Easy Installation: Pre punched and pre cleared mounting holes for easy installation.
• 5. Made in the US: We have been making signs for over 100 years in the US.

Additional Product Information

Height 0.01 Inches
Length 10 Inches

WaaHome Happy Halloween Yard Lawn Decorations 12”X17” No Candy Quarantine Halloween Yard Stakes Signs for Halloween Party Outdoor Outside Decor


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Spook up your yard this Halloween with this Happy Halloween No Candy Yard Sign and Stakes Set! No matter the halloween party, these decorations will be sure to excite and wow your neighbors – even if you can’t go trick-or-treating. Made with sturdy 4mm thick corrugated plastic, this sign is waterproof and reusable. The set also includes two 17” stakes for an easy install; simply insert a part of the stake into the sign and the other part into the ground – that simple! Featuring a festive print featuring a candy ghost, bat, and pumpkin wearing a face mask, this set is a fun yet tasteful reminder of social distancing during the spooky holiday. Suitable for any outdoor space, make your home the envy of the neighborhood with this unique decor piece!

Common Questions on WaaHome Happy Halloween Yard Lawn Decorations 12”X17” No Candy Quarantine Halloween Yard Stakes Signs for Halloween Party Outdoor Outside Decor

• What size are these WaaHome Happy Halloween Yard Lawn Decorations?
These WaaHome Happy Halloween Yard Lawn Decorations measure 12”X17”.

• What are the WaaHome Happy Halloween Yard Lawn Decorations used for?
These WaaHome Happy Halloween Yard Lawn Decorations are designed to adorn lawns and yards with a festive Halloween theme.

• What is the overall theme of these decorations?
These decorations feature a No Candy Quarantine Halloween design.

• Are these decorations meant for indoor or outdoor displays?
These are designed for outdoor displays.

• Can these decorations be used as part of a Halloween party?
Yes, these decorations can be used to enhance the look and feel of a Halloween party outdoors.

Why We Like This

Additional Product Information

Color yellow

Reflective Aluminum Halloween Sign Sorry No Treats This Year 7 x 10 (HW-0139-RA)

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Common Questions on Reflective Aluminum Halloween Sign Sorry No Treats This Year 7 x 10 (HW-0139-RA)

Why We Like This

• 1. Made from heavy gauge aluminum for superior strength and durability.
• 2. Reflective 3M sheeting for improved visibility in low light.
• 3. Perfect size for displaying in the front yard or window.
• 4. Eye catching Halloween design to get the message across.
• 5. Affordable package of 10 signs for easy distribution.

Additional Product Information

Color Black On Orange (Bats, Pumpkins)

Sorry No Treats Happy Halloween, Halloween Sign, Includes Holes, 3M Quality Reflective, Aluminum, 10 x14 Made in USA

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This festive Halloween sign is an eye-catching way to get the message across: No Treats! Yet, it has a friendly tone that makes sure everyone understands that – regretfully – there won’t be any treats for them on Halloween.

Made in the USA out of rust-free aluminum, this durable 10 x 14 sign will last for years to come. It’s built with high-grade rust-free alloy 0.04′, so its strength and durability are assured, meaning this sign can weather the stormy autumn season.

The sign has also been expertly designed to maximize visibility with 3M Engineer Grade EG reflective sheeting. It’s specifically 3M sheeting that sets this sign apart from the rest, guaranteeing bright reflection no matter the time of day or night. Strangers and trick-or-treaters alike won’t miss the message – or the beautiful orange pumpkin jack-o’-lantern next to it!

Thanks to Interstate Signways, founded in 1959, this American-made sign is as stylish as it is durable. What better way to scare away potential treat hunters than a high-quality reflective sign reminiscent of classic Americana?

Common Questions on Sorry No Treats Happy Halloween, Halloween Sign, Includes Holes, 3M Quality Reflective, Aluminum, 10 x14 Made in USA

Why We Like This

• 1. High quality US sourced aluminum for a sturdy and long lasting sign
• 2. 3M Engineer Grade EG reflective sheeting for maximum visibility
• 3. Rust free aluminum for durability
• 4. 10 x14 size for easy installation
• 5. Made in the USA with the highest quality standards since 1959

Sorry No Candy This Year (Due to Health Concerns) – Halloween Lawn Sign – 22 x 19 Yard Sign – Made of Weatherproof Fluted Plastic – Halloween Lawn Decorations


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This Halloween season, keep your trick or treaters safe with this multi-purpose lawn sign. Our 19 x 22 sign is made of weatherproof fluted plastic and is designed to last for years to come! Even if your house isn’t giving out candy this year due to health concerns, you can still leave a spooky message for all the little ghosts and goblins who come to your house. The one-sided print reads “Sorry No Candy this Year and can be hung up easily with the included metal stake. Not only will this sign make sure your trick or treaters know ahead of time that there won’t be sweets awaiting them, but it doubles as a clever decoration for the rest of the neighborhood to enjoy! There’s no need to miss out on the classic Halloween decorations simply because of the pandemic – or any holiday stress – thanks to this uniquely designed sign. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that this product was made in the USA of premium quality material. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to swap out candy this year or just want a unique Halloween yard decoration without the hassle of decorating, look no further than this Sorry No Candy This Year Sign!

Common Questions on Sorry No Candy This Year (Due to Health Concerns) – Halloween Lawn Sign – 22 x 19 Yard Sign – Made of Weatherproof Fluted Plastic – Halloween Lawn Decorations

• What material is the Halloween Lawn Sign made of?
The Halloween Lawn Sign is made of weatherproof fluted plastic.

• How big are the Halloween Lawn Sign decorations?
The Halloween Lawn Sign decorations are 22 x 19 .

• Is the Halloween Lawn Sign weather resistant?
Yes, the Halloween Lawn Sign is made of weatherproof fluted plastic.

• Does the Halloween Lawn Sign come with candy?
No, due to health concerns, the Halloween Lawn Sign does not come with candy.

• What is the purpose of the Halloween Lawn Sign?
The Halloween Lawn Sign is designed for decoration, serving as a reminder to discourage children from collecting candy due to health concerns.

Why We Like This

Benefits of Sorry No Candy Sign

The best sorry no candy sign is a great tool to help parents and caregivers ensure the safety of their children. This simple yet effective signage provides an important reminder for parents and other adults, that there should be no candy or sugary treats in the area where their children are playing.

By having this visible signage placed at strategic locations within any home, it helps educate both visitors and those with young children about sweets being off-limits, which can protect kids from potential health risks associated with overindulging on sugar. This type of signage also encourages people to opt for healthier snacks such as fruits instead while they’re visiting your home or parenting facility.

Not only is it a helpful educational tool but having clearly visible signs indicating that there’s no candy allowed help send out the message without fail every time.

Buying Guide for Best Sorry No Candy Sign

Buying Guide for Best Sorry, No Candy Sign

A “No Candy sign is a great way to let kids and guests know that you won’t be handing out any sweets. Whether it be for health reasons, religious convictions, or other personal decisions, these signs are often used in homes and places of business to politely reduce the temptation of candy consumption. Here we will cover what to look for when buying the best “Sorry, No Candy sign.

Size: It’s important to choose the right size “No Candy sign so you don’t overshadow your home decor or public area themes with a large piece of signage. Signs can range from small door hangers to large wall banners – all depending on where you plan on displaying it most often.

Design: When choosing what design fits your style best can come down a few different factors such as style preference or budgeting constraints. Designs can range from melancholic expressive words like sorry teamed up with visuals such as ice cream cones crossed off – suiting many different decor styles and personalities while conveying clear messages quickly and effectively at the same time!

Durability: Selecting stronger materials is beneficial if you are looking for long-lasting signs whether they are outdoors or get touched quite often by visitors in shops and indoor areas; as wobbly flimsy pieces do not age very well over time and may need replacing after number of years if exposed to wear & tear more frequently than some other spots without these visiting conditions . Plastic boards tend to work better in this case but there are many natural fabrics out there that maintain strength too albeit needing care over time; ensuring no misshaping due waterlogging (if outdoors)or damaged fibers due friction its always good check information about sorts before selecting materials!

Price: Lastly price should also come into considerations when making investment decisions involved in purchasing signage -always wise compare prices around market place first when go shopping before committing buy anything. There could even bundle options available which would suit budget manner ,but caution needed here again ensure those part fit original theme plans otherwise total purchase might end doing harm then good!

Frequently Asked Question

Is the sign necessary?

It depends on the context. In some cases, a sign may be necessary to provide information or directions. In other cases, a sign may not be necessary.

How will the sign be displayed?

The sign will be displayed in a visible location, such as on a wall, door, or window. It should be mounted securely and easily readable from a distance.

What message should the sign convey?

The sign should convey a message of positivity and encouragement. It should remind people that they have the power to make their dreams come true and to never give up on their goals.

How often should I remind visitors to honor the sign?

It depends on how often visitors are coming to the sign. You should set up a reminder system that is appropriate for how frequently visitors are coming. If you have high volumes of visitors, you may want to remind them each time they come, or you may want to remind them once a week or once a month.


Thank you so much for your time and attention. We are certain that this product will be the ideal purchase for anyone who is looking to keep kids from consuming too much sugar or snacks in areas where it is not wanted.

Not only does our Best Sorry No Candy Sign give an authoritative reminder that candy or snacks are not allowed, but also provides a gentle and friendly notification for young children, making them feel at ease rather than harshly rebuking their efforts to snack on something yummy. Plus, its elegant and attractive design makes quality suitable fit for any public area or room decor scheme.

At only [amount] dollars per sign, you will receive an easy to install sign with excellent durability and quality that goes beyond expectations. Moreover, we off complimentary warranty services related to manufacturing defects so you could rest assured that you are getting nothing but the best value possible when purchasing our product.

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