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Why Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle Is Necessary?

The best Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle is necessary because it helps promote conservation efforts for the Jaguars, an endangered species. The art and design on each plate focuses on saving these wild cats from extinction, with designs that help bring attention to eco-tourism and the importance of conservation. The initiative also supports local community members and businesses in countries like Belize working towards a better future for this magnificent species.

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Lynn Chase Designs – Jungle Jaguar – Octagonal Bowl – Small


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A touching homage to the majestic jungle cat, the Jungle Jaguar – Octagonal Bowl – Small from Lynn Chase Designs displays this unique animal with both realism and elegance. Featuring a jaguar silhouette etched into an octagonal bowl, the artwork has a scholarly quality that is accented by the warm sepia tones. The intricate detailing of the jaguar’s face is elegantly rendered, giving the piece a sense of true majesty.

At first glance, one may think of the octagonal as a strictly artistic element. Closer examination reveals, however, that the shape holds great historical significance as well. Octagons were traditionally used in ancient Greek and Roman architecture and were believed to represent the eight cardinal virtues of humanity. Thus, this bowl carries on the rich tradition of holding dearly those values that are integral to living and appreciating life.

The Jungle Jaguar – Octagonal Bowl – Small is sure to be the highlight of your dinner party, buffet table, or anywhere it is displayed. Whether filled with chips, pretzels, or nuts, the Jungle Jaguar will add a unique flair to any presentation. Made from high-fired porcelain and hand finished with exquisite attention to detail, this bowl is sure to last for years to come.

Common Questions on Lynn Chase Designs – Jungle Jaguar – Octagonal Bowl – Small

Why We Like This

• 1. Unique octagonal shape for an eye catching design.
• 2. Handcrafted from fine porcelain for a luxurious feel.
• 3. Bold jungle jaguar pattern adds a dramatic touch.
• 4. Dishwasher and microwave safe for easy cleaning and use.
• 5. Compact size is perfect for serving side dishes or snacks.

Additional Product Information

Color Black
Height 2.75 Inches
Length 5 Inches

Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle Mug


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Common Questions on Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle Mug

• What design can be found on the Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle mug?
The Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle mug features a white background with detailed illustrations of vibrant, exotic birds inhabiting a deep jungle.

• What material is the Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle mug made from?
The Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle mug is crafted from fine porcelain and is microwave, oven, and dishwasher-safe.

• How much does the Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle mug cost?
The Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle mug typically retails for around $22.

• Is the Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle mug available in different sizes?
Yes, the Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle mug is available in both 12oz and 15oz sizes.

• Does the Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle mug come with a lid?
No, the Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle mug does not come with a lid.

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Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle Mug


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Common Questions on Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle Mug

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Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle Round Vegetable Bowl


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This meticulously crafted Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle Round Vegetable Bowl is perfect for any style-savvy hostess. Measuring in at 10 1/2 inches, it’s perfect for the biggest of side dishes. Artfully designed with a jaguar jungle print and crafted from glazed ceramic, its beauty goes beyond just looks. It is hand wash safe, so you won’t be worried when this statement piece needs to be cleaned up after each use. Unfortunately, this bowl became discontinued in 2016, so it is not widely accessible. However, that makes it even more of a treasure knowing that such a unique and eye-catching design was crafted with love and care in Japan.

Common Questions on Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle Round Vegetable Bowl

Why We Like This

• 1. Made of high quality ceramic material, perfect for daily use.
• 2. Hand washable for easy cleaning and maintenance.
• 3. Unique round design with a Jaguar Jungle pattern.
• 4. 10 1/2 in. width offers ample room for serving food.
• 5. Discontinued in 2016, making it a rare collectible item.

Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle Octagonal Vegetable Bowl


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The Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle Octagonal Vegetable Bowl is a fun, modern take on traditional tableware pieces. Its unique octagonal shape, with curved edges, adds visual interest to any table setting. This contemporary bowl is handcrafted from ceramic in Japan, and is made for durable use. Its subtle, abstract jaguar pattern in the center adds a touch of flair, while its warm hue brings plenty of warmth to any occasion. With a width of 10 1/2 inches and a height of 4 3/8 inches, this bowl is perfect for serving vegetables, side dishes, and much more. While it was discontinued in 2016, its simple beauty, quality craftsmanship and vibrant colors will never go out of style, making it a timeless piece in any collection. Hand wash this bowl for best results.

Common Questions on Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle Octagonal Vegetable Bowl

• What size is the Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle Octagonal Vegetable Bowl?
The bowl is 11 in diameter.

• What type of material is the bowl made from?
The bowl is made from high-fired porcelain.

• Is the bowl dishwasher safe?
Yes, the bowl is dishwasher safe.

• Is the bowl microwave safe?
No, the bowl is not microwave safe.

• What images are featured on the bowl?
The bowl features both jaguar and jungle designs.

Why We Like This

Benefits of Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle

Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle has long been one of the most sought after patterns in dinnerware design. The elegant jaguar motif, designed by acclaimed artist Lynn Chase, is not only beautiful but also incredibly beneficial. Here are just a few of the many benefits that come with featuring this timeless pattern on your table:

1) Rich Colors and Finishes: The vivid colors used in this design bring to life all kinds of jungle scenes right at home. Whether it’s white tigers or lions basking under the moonlight, there’s always something to be found when setting up a stunning meal or gathering around for an event with friends and family. And these pieces are finished off perfectly by their gold accents and trimming which add another layer of sophistication to each plate or cup you pick up from this collection!
2) Elegant Design Aesthetics: There is no denying that Lynn Chase knows how to create memorable designs when it comes down to ceramic ware – her eye for detail includes gorgeous shapes as well as textures which ensures these items look impressive both individually as well as grouped together – making them perfect for entertaining guests! Plus, with its modest yet stylish artsy flair this line adds oomph into any kitchen decor setup… making food prep even more fun!
3) A Timeless Look For All Occasions : From large formal dinners where everything must match perfectly all while conveying luxury vibes ,to everyday meals filled will laughter meant over old favorites dishes-Lynn chase Jaguar helps transform any occasion into an extra special affair!. Whether going full out on table dressing using contrasting colors like navy blues against ivory whites –or simply relying upon basic shades complimented bij rich gold detailing-there’s never need too worryabout fashion faux pas being made here!!

Overall LynnChase Jaguar Jungle creates a visually pleasing appeal that transcends time .

Buying Guide for Best Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle

When considering purchasing a Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle collection, you should consider the beauty of these unique pieces. The Lynne Chase Jaguar Jungle Collection is an iconic line that has been around since 1980 and offers a vast array of collections including dinnerware, gifts and home accents. Here are some tips to help guide you through your purchase in order to ensure that you have chosen the perfect piece for your home or gift giving needs!

1. Quality: When making any type of purchase it is important to take into consideration the quality of materials used and craftsmanship at hand. Lynn Chase Jaguar collections only use high-quality porcelain clay, gold plating and any other metallic components with flawless craftsmanship so that their pieces last a lifetime. Not only do they make beautiful pieces but guarantee them as well!

2. Style & Design: In addition to quality, style and design play a big role when selecting items from the Lynn Chase collection because these items are meant to be statement pieces within your home that everyone can enjoy no matter where they may appear in order to create instant ambiance within any room as each piece stands out unrivaled by its competition due to its intricate detail, vibrant colors brought together by hand painting techniques on every item individually without fail!

3. Subject Matter: Finally consider what subject matters interest you most in terms of artistry when picking which particular individual jaguar jungle piece which ranges from anything involving animals (elephants, birds etc…) complex environmental scenes usually surrounded by exotic foliage like mangoes or palms trees which are sure evoke feelings reminiscent of tropical vacations for guests who visit as many partakers also display them proudly in their vacation homes alongside embellishments designed off traditional Mexican artwork exhibiting brighter than bright colors found during various festivals throughout Latin America -all components taken under consideration when creating this line are made specifically with distinction & uniqueness .

With this information ready at upper front mind hopefully now those contemplating purchasing any aspect offs this classic yet timeless collection can breathe easy knowing all questions were answered before presented situation – here’s wishing all purchasers success finding anticipated look with ease!

Frequently Asked Question

How often do new releases come out in the Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle collection?

The Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle collection typically releases new items twice a year, in spring and fall. Some limited edition items may be released occasionally.


Thank you so much for considering the Best Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle dinnerware collection in your search for a stylish, high-quality dinnerware set to dress up your table. With its bold colors and classic design, this luxurious collection will bring both visual appeal and elegance to any meal. I’m sure that once you experience dining on these beautiful dishes with their smooth glazes, intricate detailing, and expert craftsmanship, you won’t want to use anything else!

The strength of the porcelain ensures each piece is long-lasting and easy to maintain. What’s more impressive about these jaguar jungle plates is that all pieces come with a lifetime guarantee from Best Lynn Chase; meaning if at any time one breaks or chips due to everyday use within the first year of purchasing them, then it will be replaced free of charge. Furthermore these plates are microwave safe when used according to instructions; making reheating leftovers an effortless task after even an extended break from frequent dinners out .

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